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As a decision maker in the oil and gas industry, you know how challenging it is to make complex projects work profitably while protecting your interests. To succeed, you have to respond proactively to disputes as they arise.

At Schauer & Simank, P.C., we can help you resolve the issues you face and take the right steps to move forward. Our two-person team of attorneys has decades of experience in helping businesses in the energy industry resolve legal disputes in an efficient, cost-effective manner that protects your bottom line.

Give us a call today to discuss your specific situation in a confidential consultation. From our office in Corpus Christi, we serve clients throughout South Texas.

What Type Of Dispute Are You Facing?

The dispute you’re involved in could have arisen at any stage of the oil-and-gas production and distribution process. Our practice is comprehensive and includes a full range of issues, including:

No matter what the precise issues are that are in contention, we will use our strong litigation skills to advocate strongly for your position and pursue a favorable resolution. In many cases, this can be done through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution, saving on court costs.

Where it is necessary, however, we stand ready to protect your rights aggressively in court. Our proven track record in that arena helps us to assert your interests effectively.

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