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Resolving Disputes Among Business Partners

When partners get along and share the same vision, the chances of success are immediately enhanced. But when things go wrong and disputes arise, it’s important to protect your interests.

At Schauer & Simank, P.C., we can use our skills in business litigation to help you respond effectively to the partnership dispute you’ve found yourself in. With decades of combined experience to draw on, we have a proven record of results in resolving disputes effectively.

What Caused The Disagreement You Ran Into?

There are all sorts of reasons why relationships among business partners can go south. We cover the full range of issues, including:

  • Buyout provisions when a partner seeks to retire, sell or withdraw
  • Contractual protections, such as noncompete agreements
  • Inclusion of family members in the business
  • Ownership percentages when one partner puts in additional capital

With our transactional business law experience, we can help you draft sound agreements for your partnership to help avoid disputes. And if disputes do arise, we can assert and defend your interests strongly, using skills developed during our decades of combined experience.

Take The Steps Needed To Move Forward

Our attorneys are skilled at resolving issues through negotiation and finding cost-effective solutions that don’t require lengthy litigation. But if going to court is the right way to protect your interests, we have a proven track of record of doing that as well.

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