Corpus Christi Business Law Attorneys

Effective Resolution Of Business Disputes

When your company is involved in a legal dispute, there is a lot at stake. Legal outcomes can have serious implications for your company and its future. Your organization needs an experienced business litigation firm that understands the complexities of business law and that will be responsive to your needs as a client.

What Type Of Dispute Are You Involved In?

The lawyers at Schauer & Simank, P.C., have a wide knowledge base of the various areas of business law and are experienced litigating in all of them. Our firm has a strong track record of success in helping clients resolve difficult business law issues, including insurance defense, minority shareholder disputes and creditor’s rights.

Learn more about the areas of business law that our firm focuses on:

Strong Legal Representation For Every Type Of Industry

Our firm represents many types of businesses and corporations of varying size, including:

  • Power companies
  • Contractors
  • Maritime industry companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Community banks
  • Regional banks
  • Creditors
  • Small businesses
  • Minority shareholders
  • Oil and gas industry businesses (land owners, gas companies, vendors)

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