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Protecting Businesses Facing Mass Tort Claims

Claims of wrongdoing threaten a business’s reputation and relationships and even its existence entirely. At Schauer & Simank, P.C., our attorneys have extensive experience helping defend organizations in and around Corpus Christi against these claims and positioning them for future success.

What Our Firm Can Help With

The world of business can be a cutthroat one, but there are still certain ethical standards that companies must meet. If other entities believe that you intentionally committed a wrongful act against them or that you otherwise harmed them through reckless or negligent action, they may band together in an effort to hold you legally accountable and make you pay them damages.

Here are some common mass torts that businesses face.

Tortious Interference

These claims occur when a plaintiff accuses the defendant of intentionally getting in the way of their contract or economic expectancy with another party, causing the plaintiff to incur damages.

Restraint Of Trade

This claim is similar to tortious interference but broader. In these cases, the plaintiff–although they may not have suffered direct economic losses– believes that the defendant hindered their ability to conduct their usual business activities. Legal damages may ensue if the plaintiff argues that they suffered indirectly.

Theft Of Trade Secrets

Claims like these arise when a plaintiff accuses another party of obtaining their proprietary information unlawfully, intending to use it to gain a competitive edge. If the plaintiff believes this caused them to lose their standing in the market, they may bring a civil claim

Fraudulent Misrepresentation

A plaintiff may bring this claim alleging that a party entered into an agreement with them in bad faith. This could mean doing so under false pretenses, without sufficient assets, or without intention to fulfill their part of the agreement. If the plaintiff party suffers financial harm as a result, they may seek damages.

We Are Ready To Help Save Your Business

If a class action lawsuit for business torts has been levied against your organization, you need immediate legal intervention. Schauer & Simank, P.C., is experienced in defending Texas businesses against these claims and can protect you from operational and financial ruin. To get started, send us a message, or call our office at 361-884-2822.