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Protecting Your Interests In Shareholder Disputes

When owners of a business disagree, it’s important to be proactive about addressing the issues that led to the dispute. If you don’t, the tensions could severely damage the business, leaving everyone worse off.

At Schauer & Simank, P.C., our skilled two-attorney team has decades of experience in helping companies and shareholders resolve disputes effectively. Using strong litigation and negotiation skills, we can guide you toward an outcome that protects your interests.

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What Is The Crux Of The Dispute You’re In?

Disputes involving shareholders take several different forms. With our comprehensive business practice, we can assist you in areas that include:

  • Shareholder derivative suits — Derivative claims are lawsuits brought by shareholders on behalf of the company. They can arise when a shareholder believes the company failed to bring a valid lawsuit, such as suit against a director or officer for breach of fiduciary duty. We can defend or assert your interests strongly in these cases.
  • Disputes within closely held businesses — In a closely held company or partnership, disputes among shareholders over the valuation of a shareholder’s interest or other issues can pose a real threat to the business. Our attorneys have the skills to help you resolve the issues while protecting your position.
  • Other shareholder concerns — Shareholders may put forward all sorts of concerns to the board of directors, such as a company’s commitment to sustainability or objection to excessive executive compensation. Our law firm has a proven record of working with clients to respond effectively.

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